Freak injection

Electro rock // French




Let’s introduce the band. The composer, Mac-F, air guitar fan and dog masks fetishist. The Diva Duchess, Charlie Red, addicted to spike jackets. From their mystic encounter on a full moon night is born Freak Injection.
After their first single, a melodious electro-rock combo with deep howl and freaky sounds (Arte Tracks: Greedily Psycho; MyRock magazine: what a crashing show!), Freak Injection issued during summer 2017 its first EP “Freak in Fashion”, a hybrid pop rock electro alien feeling, with beautiful melodies, freaky sounds and a sublime voice. Rock & Folk magazine fully got the concept and branded the band as “sulfurous elegance”
Since then, the band has played many live shows for their “Evil Raccoon Tour” (Bus Palladium, Batofar, Supersonic, L’international, Le Gibus Live etc. ). Their shows have shocked people with heavy beats, unicorn inspired riffs, crazy dancing raccoon (the band manager!), flying plastic pink flamingos. Indeed Freak Injection is above all a live band, with a show embracing freaks of all kinds, referring to ambiguous performers like David Bowie, Aliens and their sex friends, pink blood and kawai unicorns. The music is inspired by Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Die Antwoord, Nina Hagen, Madonna, Marilyn Manson.
Even if the band reckons some help from some cosmic entity, with the ambition of playing in a galactic concert, their sound has already reached outside of France: live show in Belgium, radio play in England and Italy, articles in the Dutch and German press (in particular a full page in the German magazine Legacy). The Freaks have even got a nice message from Richard Patrick, guitarist of the American band Filter («Holy Shit, look at this video ! You guys are awesome »).


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